Contract Negotiations

When outsourcing any project to a 3rd party, you must have a tight contract in place stating the exact requirements and a delivery date. We all know that once a project has started, timelines will change but they need to be dealt with in the correct manner.

We see all too often the following issues arising:

  • Projects taking longer than anticipated
  • Projects costing more than what has been budgeted
  • Expectations not being met by provider
  • Functionality differences from expected to delivered outcome
  • Additional costs not factored into the budget
  • Payment demands for incomplete work
  • Reduced interest to support once contract has been completed

We provide clarity to both the client and the provider to make sure each party is happy with the scope of work, time frames and expectations once the project has been completed.

IT Architecture

Software & networks require a specific way to be designed to maximize efficiency and to make sure it works as designed without providing a bottleneck.

We help internal and external IT providers make sure that their designs will not hinder your work environment and achieve your end result


IT Strategy

Technology changes rapidly and to make sure that you have the correct systems in place you require a re-occurring look at current technology and what you want to implement over a set period. 

We will sit down with you and confirm what goals your business want to achieve over a set period to make sure the strategy will help achieve your goals.

IT implementation

Projects to implement new processes, software or hardware require the correct technical skillset to be able to have the project completed. If you would like to outsource the implementation, then we are able to look at our internal skillset or outsource it to key partners.


IT Security

Securing your clients data, network and services are a legal requirement since the GDPR act came in 2018. We can provide solutions for you to help your clients secure their data and networks at a cost-effective rate.

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